Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
08/12/09 07:17 PM
iPhone game: Snood Coming to iPhone/iPod This Month!

The Dreamhive Animation Studio announced that SNOOD is coming soon to the iPhone and iPod touch - and featuring Facebook connectivity! Here is more info about the game:

One of the most popular casual games of all time is now available for your iPhone/iPod touch!

IT?S SNOOD REDOOD! For the first time ever SNOOD players can connect with friends and play live head-to-head multiplayer or they can invite friends to play later in Challenge Mode Multiplayer. To make multiplayer very easy to use, players can find and invite friends within the game via Facebook. And if that isn?t enough, you?ll also meet new SNOOD characters, enjoy additional game modes & levels, and earn sweet rewards for tricky launch moves. This fiendishly fun & simple game is easy to learn, challenging to master, and incredibly addictive?we warned you!

Key Features:

SNOOD WITH FRIENDS ─For the first time EVER, play SNOOD in LIVE head-to-head Multiplayer or invite friends to play later in Challenge

Mode Multiplayer!
SHOW YOUR SNOOD SKILLZ─Share your achievements, post your high scores, and launch SNOODs onto your opponent?s screen to slow them down!

EXCITING NEW 3.0 FEATURES─Send and receive challenge notifications and access the iTunes library to play your own music while you SNOOD!

EXPANDING YOUR SNOOD WORLD ─ Challenge your Facebook friends to play with you from your iPhone/iPod touch!

MATCH YOUR SNOOD-MOOD─Chill in Classic Mode with no time limits, get to know the SNOODs in Story Mode, beat the clock in Time Attack, and test your thinking skills in
Puzzle Mode.

CUSTOMIZE YOUR GAME─Experience challenges for newbies and experienced SNOOD-Herders alike. Featuring 5 levels of difficulty from
Easy to Evil!

THE SNOOD FAMILY HAS GROWN─Introducing new characters like DaBomb, Wildcard and the Joker, each with their own unique features.

RE-DESIGNED FOR THE TIMES─Featuring all-new 3D graphics for a hipper SNOOD experience! And if you?re feeling nostalgic, you can still play within the Classic SNOOD characters.

GET NOTICED─Collect rewards for tricky bank shots and good aim with Style Point Multipliers. Earn Achievements and Rankings and compare yourself against your Facebook Friends and the World!

ENDLESS SNOOD POSSIBILITIES─Enjoy over 100 unique puzzles!

READY-AIM-SNOOD!─Hit ?em with your best shot using effortless touch & swipe action, giving you more control when it?s time to LAUNCH!

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