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02/23/10 01:04 PM
"Hand of God" strategy / action / football game.

Hey, have you tried "Hand of God" yet?

This is a great new take on making a fun football game for the iPhone / iTouch. It completely departs from all the usual football games that are out there. Instead of directing the player to the ball, you are the ball and your objective is to keep away from the players and determine the match result your self.

The players start off giving you an easy time but they tweak their strategy to get the ball after each match.

You can play 5 a side, 11 a side or real easy on 2 a side! The 5 and 2 a side games add a new player every 45 seconds until you have 2 full teams battling away to grab the ball off you.

"Hand of God" measures your dexterity as you play so that you can move up more levels if you're up to it.

Test your strategies out; perhaps go for open space, may be head for the stars (to gain extra soul for new lives) or may be just relax and move the ball out of the way of a charging player at the last second.

Check out more info / video at Hand of God

Give it a try. I am thinking about the first update so if there are any things you'd like to see added or changed then let me know.


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