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12/23/11 07:14 AM
Paint War - Become a painting warrior on your iPad

Paint War is an action-strategy fun-looking cartoon-like 2D game with plenty of laughs and excitement. Players will control painters and try their best to paint as much of the surface as possible. Besides painting mission, there are many cool toys, dangerous enemies and traps that spice up the game even more. Enjoy the game with your family, friends and become ultimate paint warrior aimed superiority toys to defeat challenges

Paint War features two gameplay modes: Mission for single player and Battle for multiplayer (up to 4 players with 2 human players). Win levels in Mission mode to unlock toys, places and then play them in Battle mode with your family and friends. Moreover, Paint War introduces three levels of difficulty for everyone from beginner to expert. Anyone who wants to paint against powerful boss and tight winning condition could take Hard level while those who just wants to explore can select Easy

iTunes link (iPad only):

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