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03/20/14 09:39 AM
Peg Solitaire

Hi guys,

We have created a mobile peg solitaire game with steampunk sound, music and graphics.
For those who don't know what peg solitaire is, it is an addictive, brain-boosting board game for one player where you try to leave the least amount of pegs on the board by means of jumping pegs over adjacent pegs.
The peg being jumped over will disappear. For more information check out the wikipedia link below.

The game contains 8 different unlockable levels and a facebook leaderboard where you can compete with your friends.
We are completely satisfied with the game we have, however we are relatively new to developing games and we need your feedbacks.

The game is already published for ios, android and windows phone.
The links for Google Play, App Store and Windows Phone are below.
Google Play:
App Store:
Windows Phone:

If you have the opportunity to check out our game, we would be very happy to hear your feedbacks.

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