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04/23/08 07:06 PM
Re: Samsung Q1 Wireless

This is the biggest piece of carp that I've ever wasted money on. The reviews written on this site for this UMPC are useless. It can't take into account actually using it for more than the time it took to write up that article.

I had mine for less than month before the screen got messed up spontaneously. I turned it off at night and turned it on in the morning to find the area on the screen where those menu buttons pop up are scrambled ALL THE TIME. It doesn't go away ever. I called Customer Service and after being on hold for more than an hour, they couldn't help. I can plug it into a screen and it's fine on the external screen but not on the UMPC itself. WTF?

Anyone have any advice? Cuz now if I want to see the full screen, I need the screen and it is no longer a UM of the UMPC set.

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