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11/19/07 08:30 AM
Comparison 9500 & E90 relates to S60 vs S80 Symbiam OSs

As a Nokia Communicator user of 3 generations since 9110i (skipped 9210)having used the 9500 I feel qualified to compare the new E90 with the 9500 operating system from a user point of view.

The S80 system is probably one of the most user friendly operating systems I have found on a phone. I must confess that I really miss its accessibility and the many options it offered. The S80 allowed a separate word processor; spreadsheet and presentation programs which were accessible as far use goes by means of drop down menus. The control of choices is wide and intuitive.

I have now obtained a new E90 and after having worked through all its options, features and having tried out all its functions have been left with a sad feeling that Nokia has made a massive step back. The whole ethos of the Communicator is one that has spanned a number of generations and has always been known for being more than a cellphone and even being the ultimate smartphone.

The feel of the E90 is that it is rigid firmware. At every turn I experience missing features - I don't for example find the one thing that made all the communicators unique- the ability to send and receive a fax into the phone.

I feel positive about some things however - it is the first HSDPA/UMTS Communicator, E-Mail is handled more efficiently, the calendar is quick, yet I miss the ability to make choices from the drop down menu. and many small but useful options are missing.

The "Contacts" are CLUNKY in the E90. Every time you want to add detail you have to create a field. - the 9110/9210/9300/9500 communicators had forms you filled in quickly. You also searched for a name by the surname, firstname or company, and the surname (essential for a business phone) is not the primary listing so you have to scan through a long list of first names.

I am a long term Nokia user and currently there are a 3250 and a N80 phone in my home with both using the S60 OS. They are exactly the same and I get the feeling that the E90 is simply a N80 with a clamshell design and a medium sized inner screen. It is not a genuine "Communicator". I would not reccommend a person who is used to the old Nokia ethos and Communicator range to remain loyal, they are just pushing out products without new R&D and foresight as to where the market is going.

Patrick Norris

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