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02/23/07 04:39 PM
Re: The Vista Out My Windows (Part 1)

Very nice write up. I joined this forum just to post here. It's always great to hear about a new Linux users experience. I surmise that you are just one of a growing number of people that are put off by the latest of Microsoft's offerings for all the reasons listed above. Isn't a new improved product supposed to offer more value, more benefits to the customer instead of offering less? Even if we completely disregard the initial problems w/ compatibility, drivers, botched release dates etc. of Vista the overall value of Microsoft Windows has declined drastically. I always tell my friends/customers (regarding software) "You should at least get what you pay for." and I do not feel that Microsoft delivers on this most basic of principles.

Moving right along......

Already I've heard complaints about the differences between XP & Vista interfaces - what does this tell us?? Hopefully the differences between the Windows interface and the various Linux interfaces do not deter too many people but I fear it will. They are not hard to learn at all, only different and history has shown us that people do not like change even if it is for the better. It doesn't matter that Linux is free, more secure, without viruses (for the moment) etc. It has been my experience that it's is far easier to teach a user about Linux if they have no preconceived notion of how a computer/desktop should behave even if that new user is 80 years old and never used a pc in their life. Microsoft has created an interface that is less than intuitive (IMHO it actually borders on ridiculous in some instances). "Like what?" they'll say. And so I ask "If you wanted to stop a Windows pc, what is the first thing you'd do?" And, invariably after a brief pause, a puzzled and confused look comes across their faces as they reply "Click start?"

This is the challenge we face.


Thank you for the suggestion. However, BibleTime doesn't have a fraction of Logos' capability or library offering. Logos has hundreds of top-quality references available and very sophisticated analysis tools. The main problem is that it needs IE's rendering engine to work.

As a suggestion you might want to check out WINE. Quite an impressive amount of Windows software actually works very well under WINE including IE6. Now I haven't the slightest idea if your Logos software will work w/ WINE or not but perhaps it is worth a try. Another great WINE resource is
Personally I use WINE to make backups of my legally purchased DVD's w/ DVD Decrypter, DVD Shrink & RipIt4Me (all native win32 apps) on my Debian Linux machine. It works quite fabulously.

One day you may tire of Ubuntu and venture into the real power of Debian GNU Linux (on which Ubuntu is based). I'll be back to read the subsequent parts of this post. Best of luck to you and your endeavors w/ Linux!

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