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02/24/07 06:15 PM
Re: The Vista Out My Windows (Part 1)

Thanks to everyone for their gracious posts.

mzilikazi - Indeed, getting Vista is definitely getting much less than you pay for--it takes away what you already have! Thank you for your suggestion on WINE. I am using WINE for simple programs like iSilo, but of course not everything runs under it. I am using a virtual machine which is working fine for me, but haven't gotten to write about that yet.

KnoLinuxGuy - Going back to what I said to mzilikazi, I am actually using VMWorkstation. I will go into the decision process for that selection in a later article, but it works great for me. I also used Automatix to get Google Earth, codecs, and some other things which I will also write about. I quickly skimmed your site and it looks like you've put a lot of effort into it--nice work! FWIW, I've had good experiences with GoDaddy for domain registration, but I already had a good hosting service (myhosting.com) by then. Ironically now, myhosting uses Windows servers.

pr0gr4mm3r - I've tried WINE for some simpler programs, but could not get more complex ones to work. For instance, Comcast Rhapsody will install but will not run. I'm still playing with this. I looked at ies4linux, but I don't need 5.0 and 5.5, only 6.0. Is there an option just to install one version of IE? Since I've laid bucks on the table for WMWorkstation, I'm less motivated to try to get Windows apps to run under Linux, but it's fun to play.

All - It seems that collectively you've all written parts of my upcoming articles. This is great! You've helped guide me to what folks think is important and I'm definitely listening.

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