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02/25/07 12:25 AM
Re: The Vista Out My Windows (Part 1)

Thanks for this great article. I'll use it as more reference material for my friends who think Microsoft can do no wrong. A couple of comments: KDE is actually older than GNOME. According to wikipedia, KDE was started in 1996, and GNOME was started a year later because of license issues. However, differences in developer goals have lead to the differences you pointed out. New Linux users who prefer KDE's style may want to look at MEPIS or (soon) Freespire, both KDE-based distros based on Ubuntu. My personal preference in Bible software is Bible Desktop (, which is cross-platform and has some additional features compared to BibleTime, but is also based on the SWORD Project so has many of the same limitation as BibleTime in comparison to Logos. And yes, ies4linux does ask during its installation what version(s) you want to install, and installs only the ones you request.

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