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02/28/07 11:22 PM
Re: Welcome!

Hello Tanker Bob,
Not sure of your name so that will have to work. I have following your web postings from the time of your postings on Palm. I have been a Palm user and supporter for several years now. My entry into the use of PDA's began with a Handspring Visor in a green shirt that nobody wanted. I took it only to find out later "and gladly". I have been a PDA guru ever since never leaving the house without one. I don't want to get long winded here. I am looking for a recommendation. I have read your stuff including your migration from Palm to the Axim. I even gave the Axim a try at one point. Purchased it, played with it for couple of weeks and returned it. I went back to an old favorite, that being the Tungsten T complete with the original Graffiti. Back to the question(sorry bout that), in lieu of Datebk what is your software of choice? do you handle the alarms issue that windows mobile platform seems to have such difficulty with? I am looking for a new device and again find myself tempted by the Dell Axim but I wish I knew pre-purchase that I could make this device as functional as I still find my Tungsten T(even with its digital drift issues)to be. My sincere thanks and appreciation for any words of advice/wisdom. Regards, Mark

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