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03/01/07 01:55 AM
Re: Welcome!

What I meant when I talked about the alarms in WMobile was the seeming lack of them. You know well the functionality of Datebk. The ability to set alarms a day or two or three ahead of time as well as the number of times the alarm will sound before an appointment, etc.. Is this alarm functionality available in Pocket Informant? It was seemingly lacking when last I had a go with the Axim and Pocket Informant. I am not sure if this lack of functionality stems from the PIM, the OS itself or perhaps my own ignorance. If you tell me I can have the same functionality in terms of alarms I have in Datebk, I may very well be surfing my way over to the Dell site this evening. Do you have any recommendations in terms of a hardware platform at this point in time? Would you recommend the X51V over your X50? That is what you are still using isn't it? Again having read much of your stuff that I have found on the net I hold your opinion(s) in high regard and appreciate any advice you could offer. I use my Palm on a daily basis and wouldn't leave home without it. It is my second brain. When I can't remember something, chances are a search of my T will yield the results I am after. Yet I yearn for something new and different already. I sincerely hope your blog takes off here. Good luck with it! Thanks again. Mark

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