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06/18/07 06:52 PM
Re: New Linux PC Build

Great article, very informative. I am building a similiar machine... Boxed Intel E4300 w/stock fan on a Mia p6n-sli-platinum MB .Evga 7600gt graphics card. considering slight overclocking.
Linux.... not sure which distro yet.
I am having a hard time deciding on a case, I can't believe how expensive some power supplies are now! and how many cases are on newegg..806!!! My last build was 1993! I have spent the last few days tying to get caught up on the current technology..How do you like your case, how is the stock psu working? ..any regrets or revisions recomended?
Sorry for sloppy post, I am not a poster and not up on all the lingo.
Thanks !!

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