(junior member)
05/01/03 01:23 PM
tungsten c ownder: buzzing sound?

Hi guys, I just got the new tungsten c, and I noticed that when I hold the screen up to my ear, I can hear a high pitched buzzing.

Is this normal?



(Head Honcho)
05/01/03 03:22 PM
Re: tungsten c ownder: buzzing sound?

Many LCDs, going back to the days of the Newton, do emit faint buzzing sound (pitch varies depending on the particular model).

Tong Zhang
(Senior Editor)
05/30/03 02:08 AM
Re: tungsten c ownder: buzzing sound?

It's not that uncommon. My Dell Axim buzzes, too.

(junior member)
12/26/04 04:11 PM
Re: tungsten E buzzing sound?

I just got a Tungsten E as well and it is making a high pitched buzzing sound. Anybody found a fix for this annoying feature?

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