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08/04/04 09:06 PM
Zire 72 and Palm OS help needed

My wife is a handheld freak, she lives and dies at work by her handheld. She recently upgraded to the Zire 72, from the 71. Don't ask, she got a killer bargain and wanted the better camera. Anyways, there was some issues with upgrading the software on the Windows end.

Long story short, the Zire 72 is *supposed* to have OS 5.2, and somehow the OS on this one managed to get downgraded to 4.5.2. After much digging around on PalmOne's website and a call to tech support that went nowhere I'm drawing a blank here. Any ideas/suggestions on how to get the OS back up to par?

Thanks in advance

(Head Honcho)
08/07/04 06:55 PM
Re: Zire 72 and Palm OS help needed

There should be no way to downgrade the OS to 4.x. That older OS doesn't even run on the new ARM family processor used in the Zire 72. However, if you think something got messed up, a hard reset will set the system back to the way it came from the factory. All data will be erased if you do a hard reset.

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