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08/15/04 06:08 PM
Treo 600: Very Audible Experience!

I learned something interesting the other day. Namely that the Treo 600 is the ONLY smartphone on which you can use the Audible service. So, after spending a LOT of time and effort to figure out all of the ins and outs of using Audible on your Treo you can check the full comprehensive review at the link below...


Let me know what you think + as always your feedback is very much appreciated.

Cheers, W.

PS: I know that a lot of you may have previously looked at Audible's service or just heard about it and then moved on without trying it or doing anything else about it. I know because that's exactly how I felt about it as well until very recently!

As I mention in the review, if anybody had asked me what I thought of audiobooks in general I would have pretty quickly and categorically stated that I was absolutely not interested... I was wrong... Within days of using Audible's service I was well and truly hooked.

On top of that you can check out how Treo 600 users can get two FREE - no obligation - Audible books for a spin ...

08/15/04 09:13 PM
Re: Treo 600: Very Audible Experience!

Thanks for the link!!!

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