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09/26/04 03:07 PM
Tungsten E digitizer problem

I have a problem with my Tungsten E digitizer. It is very slow to respond or does not respond to the exact area when I tap on the screen. I have tried realigning the digitizer without permanent success. This happens intermittantly.

I first noticed this after I have inserted a brand new SD 128mb memory card and put several mp3s on it.

Any connection?


(Head Honcho)
09/28/04 05:24 PM
Re: Tungsten E digitizer problem

The card and MP3s should have no effect on the digitizer. However, if you want to check, just take out the card and do a soft reset to see if the problem goes away.

(junior member)
09/28/04 05:45 PM
Re: Tungsten E digitizer problem

Thanks, it seems to be OK now. I was reluctant to reset it at first, but realized a "soft reset" is no big deal, doesn't erase all data and start over.

I thought I was having a digitizer problem but I think that it was just freezing up instead.

Great forum!

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