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10/18/04 04:49 PM
Synchronizing with Outlook Using Categories

I got my T3 a few days ago and am delighted with it. I do have one question for the group concerning calendar synchronization using categories. What I really want, is to have several different calendars (using categories) on my T3 for work, personal, family, etc., but then only synchronize the work calendar with my laptop at work (uses Outlook), while synchronizing the family calendars with the PC at home (using Palm Desktop). Is there a way to do this using the Palm Calendar and synchronization software? If not, what other software is necessary to do what I want?
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11/11/04 02:38 AM
Re: Synchronizing with Outlook Using Categories

You might consider using DualDate. I'm not certain this is the answer, but it might be worth a look. I've used it to keep a copy of my wife's calendar on my Palm.

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