12/14/04 02:43 AM
Hotsync issue

Handheld:TREO 600
OS: WIndows XP home edition
This is the issue: The action of the conduits keeps resetting to DO NOTHING.
This is what I have done: I first Uninstalled and re-installed the PDS (Palm Desktop Software). issue persists
_I made a backup copy of the username folder then deleted the username folder in the palmone folder.
_I performed a clean uninstallation by playing around with regedit then went to HKEY_CURRENT_USERS, deleted the palm folders (palm pilot and palm quick install), then rebooted the machine, Re-installed PDS, synced...whoaaa ..Data were transferred but still the action for the 4 PD conduits will turn back to DO NOTHING. No Outlook conduits are installed. No other software present. In fact I was using a Zire 31 before but after I got this treo 600, I deleted all the files that were created while using the Zire 31 before installing PDS for the TREO 600 .
Guys Im fed up.....Any Idea? ohh I forgot: I even changed the action to SYNC THE FILES and checked into the "set as default"box..the action will turn back to "DO NOTHING" as soon as I close the windows. I dontr want to keep changinf the PIM conduits evrytime before I sync.
What to do guyd?

Felipe (PDAfreak)

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