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01/05/05 12:01 AM
T3 digitizer problems

I dropped my T3 a few weeks ago and the lower task buttons dont work when extended but work fine when closed. Its almost like the lower portion is off by 1\8th inch when using the lower portion for G2. Ive tried to re-cal. the digitizer and hard RS. Do I need a new digitizer? I doubt this is under warranty where can I get parts and fix myself? Also Im quite heavy handed when writing and have bad scratches. Is the digitizer this part also or will I need a new LCD also?
On A different note. I bought this PDA for kicks and found it so handy for my buisness needs it has become my third arm not to mention my 2nd brain!

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01/05/05 08:35 PM
Re: T3 digitizer problems

Probably replacing the digitizer will fix the problem. The scratched surface is a part of the LCD/digitizer assembly, so you'd be without scratches too. I don't know where to get a new one though so you might have to pay palmOne to do the job. www.pdaparts.com sells displays but they don't list the T3 yet.

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02/18/05 05:27 PM
Re: T3 digitizer problems

It sounds like you may have slightly dislodged the cable that connects the buttons to the motherboard, and perhaps the LCD ribbon cable as well. Try pulling the slider down (Google for instructions on the web) and reseating the cables if you haven't sent it for repair somewhere already.

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07/13/05 03:55 AM
Re: T3 digitizer problems

I seem to have a similar problem. When i extend the lower 4mm of the digitizer dont seem to work, in reality its like its miscalibrated because it recognises it as though im touching higher on the screen. When its not extended i have the same problem in menus, IE when in the notepad if have to press on the 4rth note to select the 3rd, or when in prefs i need to press below the selection i want to make. Ive tried using 4 different calibrations softwares other than the default one in prefs and still cant get it to work. I did drop the palm, i just dont want to have to pay 90$ for a new digitzer WHEN and IF they get some at the store... Any ideas would be welcome! thank =)

Oh forgot to mention, when i turn on free graphiti style on the screen it works fine when its not extended and follows my movements correctly, its like only menus and when i extend that the problem arises.

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