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01/17/05 04:47 PM
transferring data from old to new pda

I just bought a Palm Zire 72 Palm 5.2, and wanted to transfer my address book, memos, todo list, etc. from my old pda. The old pda was a Sony Clie with a palm OS 3.1. At first, it worked fine when I loaded the new palm desktop and just hotsynced my Zire. The data transferred. But then I started getting error messages and the next thing I new the data was gone. Fortunately I did backup everything first. I contacted both Sony and PalmOne and both of them told me that they couldn't help me since they considered this to be third party software. I can't understand why with both pdas having Palm OS, I just can't get my data onto the new one.

The screen is cracked on my old pda, so I can't get to the main screen to beam anything to my new pda. Does anyone know what I can do to transfer this data? I really don't want to have to type everything in again.


01/18/05 07:25 PM
Re: transferring data from old to new pda


At first u said the data were transferred..Now u start getting error msg and then the data is gone. Where do u get the error message??? on the palm or while opening the PDS??? And what kind of error messages do u get? It would be nice if u can say the exact message u get.


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