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02/11/05 12:22 AM
Nokia 6230, Bluetooth and SMS failure on Tungsten T3

My wife has just acquired a very nice mobile she's fond of, the Nokia 6230,,47665,00.html
and unlocked it so it may be used on her old ATTWS plan (as the current Cingular plans available are muich more spendy than her gransfathered deal).

HOWEVER, there appears to be more rectal-cranial inversion at PalmOne than previously suspected. specifies they've botched the BT drivers, and SMS is dysfunctional.

"When paired with Nokia 6230 and Nokia 6820, SMS and Dialing from the handheld are not supported on the following devices: Palm Bluetooth Card, Tungsten T, Tungsten T2, Tungsten T3 or Zire 72. NOTE: SMS and Dialing are supported on Tungsten T5."

This is also noted on USENET as having been going on since last summer:

Talking to PalmOne support was an exercise in customer abuse, and "Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're my only hope" doesn't work, either.

If anyone knows of a solution, or someone willing to tackle it, please post here, or contact me directly at johnbartley3 {at] yahoo [daht} com

Thank you kindly.

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05/19/05 05:28 PM
Re: Nokia 6230, Bluetooth and SMS failure on Tungsten T3

As an owner of a T3 I have also been trying to get something out of PalmOne for months. The simple fact is that their driver for the T3 is broken, it is their fault it doesn't work with the 6230 and considering past behaviour it is probably deliberate in the hope that we suckers will buy the T5. Just dump PalmOne for good. I'll never buy one of their products again.

BTW please post full URLs as well as tinyurl. I, like many others, cannot access anything through tinyurl.

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