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03/03/05 05:44 PM
Hotsync problem

My girlfriend and I each have Palm units (Palm M100 & Palm XE for her and Palm C & Palm XE for me). We use the extra units for backup.
We used to be able to sync our units to the Palm Desktop 4.1.4 on our IBM Thinkpad (A21m), no problem. But, for severall weeks now, my friend's Palm units will only synch the NOTES files. No addresses, no date book, etc.
What has happened? There is data on the Palm desktop but it does not sync. The hotsync log indicates "OK SYSTEM" and "OK NOTES".
My units sync very well!I get all my data synced to the Palm Desktop.
Could it be that her addresses and other files are corrupted? Any way to retreive her data files?

(PDA Addict)
03/05/05 01:14 AM
Re: Hotsync problem

Make sure that her conduits are set correctly. If so, the Windows registry entries may have become corrupted. Try starting the Palm Desktop install program, then select Repair from the options it offers. That may correct the registry problem.

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