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03/21/06 01:26 AM

Palm has just reduced the price (again) to 399. Does this indicate a newer model will be coming shortly? Any ideas on what features a new model might have? Worth waiting for?

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03/23/06 01:10 AM
Re: LifeDrive

If I could do it over, I'd wait. Others seem very happy with their LifeDrives, and maybe I just got a lemon, but I've found it to be a veritable piece of crap. Incredibly slow and unstable. It can take 5 minutes just to do a soft reset, which you have to do frequently because it crashes all the time. It tends to forget there's an SD card in it. The built-in Files utility doesn't work at all. All in all it has not been a happy experience.

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03/30/06 02:25 PM
Re: LifeDrive

Sorry to hear that oldcrow74!

Judi: I'm one of the happy users. There were some problems in the beginning getting the applications separated into the "works" and "won't work" piles. The best strategy was to migrate the PIM data over and *none* of the applications and data from my Z72 on that first HotSync. I then started installing the apps with their data one at a time to see how they worked, each time keeping generations of the Backup folder on my PC.

Since then, after update 2.0 it's been very solid. The hard drive lag crops up if the 64mb virtual RAM gets too full but I can clear up space by moving data /apps to the hard drive and the long lags go away. It's never a longer lag than starting an application on my PC.


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07/24/06 07:11 PM
Re: LifeDrive

My lifedrive also falls in the lemon category, and frankly so does palmInc in general. I second the motion as to instability. The only fix is to wipe your data and never install third party apps which makes the lifedrive an expensive paperweight as the native apps just don't cut it.

Palm warranty and particularly their extended care package are anything but what their names imply. Essentially, you will receive no hardware support unless the lifedrive was damaged before it got to you. Everything else is your fault (According to the tech support reps). Moreover, when you come across the frequent limitations in the native software (e.g. VersaMail) and discuss the problem with tech support, they will quickly blame the problem on the server you're connecting to, the service you're trying to use, or anything else but a development flaw.

Then there's palmOS. Any application that causes an error (e.g. null/invalid pointers) will always result in data loss. You will quickly find that other application data has been trampled or lost with the result of application instability. Frankly, any OS that reboots on all errors is a shoddy OS. It reminds one of Windows 3.11.

In short, don't buy palm. Its a waste of time and money.

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07/25/06 06:12 PM
Re: LifeDrive

Okay palmbomb, I'm afraid it's time for you to take a chill pill...

I allowed your previous post, even though it was in a very harsh tone, and even though it was your first and only post at the time, because some of your points were well reasoned (although some certainly weren't).

However, this thread is a bit old to revive even on a slower board like this, and it seems like your post here is only marginally related to the original topic. It is more like a segue to get back on your soapbox and badmouth Palm in every post you have made. Palm actually has many devoted and happy users, so if you can't "cool it" yourself, I might have to step in and put a "freeze" on you myself...

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