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10/03/06 06:26 PM
Palm Discovery 1st anniversary contest

Sorry if this isn't the right place for the post. Please move or remove if necessary. Thanks!

Palm Discovery is celebrating its one year anniversary. To celebrate, we will hold a contest for software prizes generously donated by Astraware, Resco and Tamoggemon Software.

Simply choose from one of the following choices for contest entry:

1 - Submit a Palm Explorer Profile with your name, your Palm device and whatever info you'd like to share about how you use it, or anything to do with the Palm you'd like to discuss. For examples of the Palm Explorer format, please check it out here.

2 - Submit your Palm tips that may be helpful to other Palm users. Especially if device specific, please indicate so as some tips and tricks may not work on other models.

3 - Submit a brief personal thought or bit about your Palm and how it's used in your day, how it has helped you get out of a bind, emergency situations, funny situations, or anything that is related to your Palm device.

More information on the contest prizes and rules are found at this posting

EDITED Oct 4th
Looks like a lot of entries didn't go through. Instead of the contact form, please email the entries to "palmdiscovery gmail com" (remove the "" and add the @ and . in between the words to make it a valid email address). I will be replying back with a number for all entries I've received, so if you didn't get a number, that means I didn't receive it. Please try emailing via the email address I've provided. Thanks!

Thanks for participating and Good luck!

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10/04/06 06:36 AM
Re: Palm Discovery 1st anniversary contest

The post is fine, but I sure haven't seen many Palm users around MTR lately... don't be surprised if you don't get any entries at all from people from this site. I hope it works out though. If I had a Palm, I would be excited!

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10/04/06 08:04 PM
Re: Palm Discovery 1st anniversary contest

Thanks! Just a bump for those who are interested, there's been a slight change. It looks like a lot of the contest entries didn't go through using the contact form. Please re-submit your entries to "palmdiscovery gmail com" (remove the "" and add in the @ and . to make it a valid email address). I will reply to all received submissions with a number. If you did not receive a reply back, I did not receive it. Sorry for the confusion. Thanks for entering!

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