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11/05/07 07:59 AM
Recommenation needed: Basic PDA for dictionary & taking notes.

Hi all, I?m looking for a PDA basically to enable me to download a dictionary & to take notes on the go. The dictionary I want to download is the Collins Complete English Dictionary from MSDict. I do not need any other complicated features. But the PDA should be equipped with:-
1) Flash memory (or other means/support) such that info stored will not get lost when the battery goes flat;
2) Self-Replaceable battery (not having to send unit in) if I can help;
3) USB connection to sync with PC;
4) Colour screen;
5) Large screen preferably;
6) Windows or Palm OS ? doesn?t matter.
I know what I need seems pretty primitive, but all other feature can be done with my mobile. I just need something really simple (& kind to the pocket) for dictionary and writing, & not to interfere with communications! Well if the device can take e-book, that will be a bonus! Thank you in advance.

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