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01/24/03 11:41 AM
usb cable not reading

I am from Cape Town, South Africa and last month purchased my Palm Zire from Fry's Electronics in Austin, Texas.
For some reason, neither I nor my company IT consultant can get my office computer with Windows 2000 and USB port to read the Palm Zire.
Using the same Zire USB cable, the computer happily reads other devices like digital cameras.
I do know of some movie CD's for example, that are geographically user-limited, but cannot for the life of me diagnose what this problem is.
Surely a USB port is a USB port is a USB port?
I may be missing something very basic and would be delighted to have it pointed out to me, so I can get 'hot and synched!'.
It would sure make inputting a lot easier!
Many thanks in advance,
Chris Bateman
SA Medical Journal
Cape Town.

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01/24/03 04:21 PM
Re: usb cable not reading

A South African USB port is the same as a US USB port [Smile] .
You might try uninstalling Palm Desktop and reinstalling it. When reinstalling Palm Desktop, make sure to NOT put the Zire in the cradle or hit the Hotsync button until the installer directs you to do so (otherwise Windows might make a bad guess and install the wrong USB driver for the Zire).

There are no regional settings such as there are with DVDs that would prevent you from syncing the Palm.

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