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12/29/03 10:11 PM
Zire 71 wireless adapter

I am new to the PDA world and am looking for a wireless adapter for a Zire 71 I received as a gift.

I am looking for basic 802.11b connectivity to both my corporate and home networks. I do not currently use, nor plan on using Bluetooth for any communications. I probably will not use the PDA within in HotSpots either, so my requirements are very low level as any other security concerns I will take care of from the WAC end.

Any help would be greatly appreciated and Happy Holidays!

(PDA Addict)
12/30/03 03:01 AM
Re: Zire 71 wireless adapter

Until SanDisk releases Palm OS drivers for their SD WiFi card in the Spring, your only choice is the Enfora Wireless Portfolio which is a case combined with a WiFi radio.

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12/30/03 03:18 PM
Re: Zire 71 wireless adapter

Thanks for the info! I think I'll wait for the SD card, $170+/- is a bit more than what I want to drop on a wireless adapter. I visited the site but was unabel to find any info on the impending driver release. Do you have a link to the info? I'd appreciate it!


(Head Honcho)
12/30/03 08:56 PM
Re: Zire 71 wireless adapter

We mention Palm OS drivers in our review of the card. SanDisk emailed me directly about the delay (stating the drivers for OS 5 that were supposed to be out in Nov. had been moved to the Spring). They may have something on their site about it too though.

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