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01/22/04 08:36 PM
T3 or E?

Hello all,

I'm considering the purchase of a PDA to replace my planner. I've narrowed the field down to the T3 & the E. The E is half the cost but doesn't have voice, vibrate, or the universal connector. I can afford either but don't want to waste my money on features that I might not really need. I don't care about the Bluetooth on the T3. The vibrate is nice (my pager stays on vibrate) but I don't know if I would use the voice recording (sounds like a good idea) or need the universal connector.

Any suggestions?



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01/23/04 01:35 AM
Re: T3 or E?

If the voice, vibrate, or the universal connector features aren't important to you, then the Tungsten E might be the better choice.

Keep in mind that the universal connector is very handy if you think you'd like to use the many Palm and 3rd party accessories that use that connector.

Other differences: the T3 has a higher resolution display (320 x 480 vs. 320 x 320 pixels) and can work in portrait or landscape mode. It's also faster (though in most cases the T|E is fast enough for folks) and it has more memory.

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