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08/27/04 12:26 AM
Release: Acky's XP Breakout

Blast your way through 150 powerful levels in the ultimate arkanoid game for
the Pocket PC!

Isotope244 Graphics has released Acky's XP Breakout for the Pocket PC, an
exciting brick-blasting arcade game with stunning particle effects and VGA
compatiblity. Using a reflective space pad, you destroy bricks, and move
through 150 action-filled levels.

Unlike simple arkanoid games that let you shoot level after level of boring
bricks, Acky's XP Breakout lets you work with 26 unique power items and 80
different brick types. The gameplay is always changing, with a dynamic mesh
of particle effects, point bonuses, and mesmerizing object morphing. There
are special gemstone and blaster items, as well as bricks that explode,
ghost, move, and shatter. You even get to create the balls that you use to
break the bricks.

Acky's XP Breakout is one of the first games to support WM2003 SE VGA
devices. The game offers four difficulty settings, allowing it to be
enjoyed by players of all ages. There are 16 bonuses, and free level
expansion packs. The built-in level editor lets you create new games.
Acky's XP Breakout features 30 minutes of original, tantalizing music.

Enter the game's unique XP Mode, and enjoy enhanced gameplay. It's easy to
customize the game to your own personal liking by tweaking many options.
Statistics are tracked online, and there are trophy and ranking systems.

Whether you're looking for an exciting new multilevel action game with
superior gameplay and precise control, or you're looking to recapture the
fun of the arkanoid games of your youth, Acky's XP Breakout can provide
hours and hours of enjoyment.

Acky's XP Breakout requires an XScale or ARM Pocket PC, 5 MB memory, and
runs under WM 2000, 2002, 2003, and 2003 SE. It has translations for seven
languages including English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, and
Portuguese. The game costs $12.95(US) and may be purchased securely online
at http://www.isotope244.com/. You can download a free trial version from
the same web address. All software from Isotope244 Graphics comes with a
30-day money-back guarantee, with additional discounts for multiple software
purchases. A Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP version of the game is also


*Superior gameplay and exact control
*150 powerful levels
*Awesome particle effects
*80 different brick types
*Free level expansion packs
*26 unique power items
*Four difficulty settings
*16 bonuses
*Built in level editor
*Online stats tracking board
*Trophy and ranking systems
*Enhanced play with XP Mode
*Special gemstone and blaster items
*Effects and object morphing
*Exploding, ghosting, moving, and glass bricks
*30 minutes of tantalizing music
*Laser and gluon cannon power items
*Use your keyboard, mouse, or joystick
*21 custom brick classes
*Tractor beam and prediction power items
*Complete help manual and in game tutorials
*Ultra crisp sound effects
*Compact install size

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08/27/04 12:38 AM
Re: Release: Acky's XP Breakout

This looks like a cool game. You know what would be cool though? If they can make a short video to show some FX, it'd be great for attacting people's attention.

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08/27/04 01:02 AM
Re: Release: Acky's XP Breakout

They actually do. If you click on the picture for the PPC version, near the top of the page is an option of a streaming video.

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08/27/04 05:09 AM
Re: Release: Acky's XP Breakout

You are absolutely right, Raynne413. The developer sent us a link after seeing your post. Check it out, every exciting with some great sound FX


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08/30/04 04:39 PM
Re: Release: Acky's XP Breakout

I'm not positive, but it looks like it was shot from the PPC.

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