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09/06/04 08:05 PM
Release: Megasoft's PocketGammon (PPC & Palm)

Megasoft's 2000 seems to be on a roll today with yet another release, PocketGammon. I'm sure you can guess as to what kind of game this is.

The PocketGammon game is an analogy with one of the most popular and classical game: BackGammon!
We propose a completely automatic version where all your attention should be concentrated not on the actions but on your skills and desire to conquer a crafty rival who will play against you. The algorithm of this version is based on the adventurous and risky laying style of your computer opponent. It makes you be attentive, concentrate your attention on your opponent`s actions and analyse each of your steps. Remember: your opponent is eager to punish you for carelessness at any minute and after any move.
Don`t give him this chance!

More information can be found here as well as user manual and a demo.

The Palm version can be found here.

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