(PDA Addict)
09/25/04 03:26 PM
Release: Coral Capers (PPC)

A new game has been released on Clickgamer.

In Coral Capers you have to guide the clownfish through an underwater labrynth (Saving Nemo, any one?)

Dodge the hazards and try to stay alive! Predators have defences which can stun you (Jellyfish), leaving you vulnerable to attack. Watch out for others who are poisonous on contact or which leave poison behind! If you are not sure swim! (most creatures simply just want to eat you)

Beware of the natural hazards of the sea - currents and air bubbles will disrupt your movments (not to mention the rockfalls!)

Don't forget to grab the pearls for bonus points

I could swear this reminds me of a game I played as a child, but can't remember the name. Anyway, the game can be purchased from Clickgamer for $14.95. More information, screenshots, and the ability to buy can be found here.

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