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04/02/05 07:39 PM
FREE: Nigh Noon Drifter (PPC)

Clickgamer is giving away High Noon Drifter to celebrate their site redesign.

Chapter One in the HIGH NOON DRIFTER Story ... It was an age of retribution and vengeance. A time when justice was served from the barrel of a loaded gun. This is a story about one man's quest. A bounty hunter, a lonesome crusader, a drifter, Jake "Six Gun" McCloud scours the wild west in search of his destiny.

Jake is hot on the trail of a gang of ruthless no good critters. They are headed by an outlaw named John "MadDog" McCade. He and his henchmen terrorise towns, kill innocent men, women and children. They have a price on their heads - WANTED DEAD or ALIVE.

More information can be found here.

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