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12/21/06 11:46 PM
Free Game For The Holidays -- Offer Extended

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hope everyone's not too harried getting ready for the holidays.

I've made a game that I'm giving away until the end of the year to get interest going, so I thought I'd mention it to everyone.

Here's the description:

MoonBase Defender is a fast paced, challenging arcade game. Defend your base against marauding aliens and cascading asteroids. You have only one goal... Defend Your Base!

You get it free when you sign up to my discount list plus you get a permanent group discount code to use whenever you need Pocket PC software.

For More Info Visit:

Best Of The Season To All!


The Free Offer has been extended until Jan. 31, 2007

After that it will revert to the $10.95 price.

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12/22/06 05:19 PM
Re: Free Game For The Holidays


Alternate website url if the the one above does not work:

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