(junior member)
05/05/04 10:12 PM
Just got PEG-TH55 - few questions

1. is there a way to upload document or pictures to the clie with out putting them on the memory stick?

2. do i need to do anything special to sync up with the clie organizer instead of the palm desk top

3. are there any good email programs besides clie mail that would be recommended??



(PDA Addict)
05/10/04 12:11 AM
Re: Just got PEG-TH55 - few questions

The unit should sync just fine with the included version of Palm Desktop that's modified to support the enhanced PIMs.

You can use the included Sony Image Converter software to put movies and pix on the unit. For MS Word and Excel files, use Documents To Go to transfer the files.

Versa Mail from Palm is a very capable email client.

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