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05/17/04 05:22 AM
Clie TJ27 Short Battery Life

I have a Clie TJ27 and the battery life seems very short. I already downloaded and installed a fix from the Clie site, the no memory card fix. I don't have any memory card in the little slot. I use the Hold button sometimes to make sure the camera doesn't turn on accidentally while the Clie is in its belt pouch. Still battery life is short. After an eight hour day yesterday with occasional note taking, game playing and a couple of snapshots the battery only had 30% life left. My Palm Vx was good for almost a week without a recharge. This worries me a lot.

1. How can I fix this problem?
2. Is there software I can use to track battery performance and maybe diagnose the problem?

(Head Honcho)
05/17/04 06:54 PM
Re: Clie TJ27 Short Battery Life

It's hard to beat the old Palm Vx because that device, like others of its era, had only a grayscale display and a much slower processor which consume much less power than transflective color displays and fast processors. Unfortunately, battery technology hasn't advanced nearly as much as these other technologies. This is why we now measure and describe battery life in terms of hours rather than weeks.

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