08/22/04 10:19 AM
Games on NX80V

I recently bought an NX80V/G in Madras, south India. This is not the NX80V/U that one would get in the USA. I wonder what the differences are, if any. I don't know what the G stands for.

My only surprise is that it appears to have no games, like jawbreaker, solitaire, etc . . . pre-loaded. Is this also the case with the NX80V/U, or have I perhaps not yet figured out where the games are in this machine? In my Toshiba e405, there is a folder named games, containing the standard ppc games, in the programs menu.

Any feedback from other NX80V owners will be much appreciated, particularly recommended games for this pda and OS.

(PDA Addict)
08/23/04 07:17 PM
Re: Games on NX80V

The G simply indicates (at times cryptically) the country or continent the unit is sold in. For example, U stands for US. The only difference between these is localization (language, time, date and measurement formats).

The games you mentioned are standard for Windows Mobile 2003 PDAs and don't come with Palm OS PDAs. Check out our game reviews to see the many games out there for Palm, some of them free.

08/24/04 03:25 AM
Re: Games on NX80V

Thanks Greg.

(junior member)
09/08/04 03:16 PM
Re: Games on NX80V

Dear Sirs,

I found that you have same Clie PDA as I have. But I have bought without installation CD. Whould you be so kind and let me download software from CD? Can you assist?

Thank You in advance


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