(junior member)
12/20/04 10:51 PM
Cannot hotsync my NZ90

Ihave had my NZ90/U and my Computer with Windows XP for a little over a year, and neither one will still talk to each other. I have tried various different patches, but to no avail. I have installed the software that came with the PDA, but every time I go to hotsync, absolutely nothing happens. I can watch the USBs in the Device manager, and the computer does not even recognize that anything is trying to contact the computer. The odd thing is that both my paarents' SJ30 and SJ33 hotsync fine without a problem. I think I might need a patch for my PC, but at his point, I'm not sure what is even wrong. Any suggestions? I can answer questions about my system/PDA.

(Head Honcho)
12/22/04 12:34 AM
Re: Cannot hotsync my NZ90

If the other Clies sync then it sounds like the PC software is working correctly. Maybe you have a bad USB cable for the NZ90?

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