(junior member)
07/31/05 02:15 PM
tj27 launching slowly recently

Hi. Recently, my TJ-25 with a 256meg Duo Pro memory stick has become really slow to load from any launcher. It was fine for a long time and then has this problem. I do load and
unload progams a lot, but I don't think I did anything that would have caused this problem. I did unload Launcher III around thistime. Yet, I don't know whythat would cause this problem. If I remove the memory stick, everyhting is fast again. I cleaned the stick contacts, but no change, I can access everything on the stick, it just slows the launch
process down a lot and for every program, no matter where it resides. I have about 2.5 megs left on the clie itself, and have had it work fine in the past wih less than this. Any ideas??
Barry Weissglass

(Head Honcho)
08/01/05 11:28 PM
Re: tj27 launching slowly recently

If you haven't already, I'd try a soft reset to reboot the Clie. The next thing I'd do is use a card reader on your PC to run a scan disk (right click on the Memory Stick under My Computer, choose properties->tools and press the check now button under error checking. There might be a corrupt file or file system to blame for the slowdowns.

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