(junior member)
08/10/05 06:29 PM
Tablet PC Users

Just a head-up for anyone viewing the boards and thinking of buying any of the Clies. If your primary or only PC is a Tablet PC DON'T. Sony does not support the XP Tablet PCs. The annoying part is I didn't find this out until after I attempted to install the software and it continued to freeze mid install. Unfortunately for me, I don't have that option and my tablet is my only other PC. When I contacted Sony Live-Chat tech support, in layman's terms it pretty much came down to 'sorry' and tough nuggies. If you can hotsync elsewhere else you're okay.

(Head Honcho)
08/17/05 04:37 AM
Re: Tablet PC Users

I think you got a bad rep on the phone. Tablets run Windows XP (with tablet stuff added on) and XP is supported by Sony. I've used my Clie with my Tabet as an aside. I'd call back again and see if you have better luck with another support rep.

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