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10/07/05 08:50 AM
iPass on Palm: change provider code

I'm using the Internet access iPass software on my Sony CLi? NZ90 under Palm OS5. It works fine but I want to change my Internet provider to an other using iPass too. Since this application launches a code identifying the provider at some point during the connexion, I can't get rid of the the previous identifyier. I deleted the old one and reinstalled the new iPassconnect and iPasssync provided by my new provider but there is some Preferences or cache somewhere that always reinstalls the same old provider code, ID and password. ID and password can be changed through the iPass for Palm interface but there is no way to access and change the provider code.

Does anybody know how to access the cache or preferences on Palm OS5 to erase or change it only for a specific application ?

Thanks for any help.


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