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12/07/05 06:20 AM
***HELP***Need help with Installation CD-ROM for Sony Clie

I just reformatted my computer, and i can't find the installation disk to my sony clie PEG-SJ30/u. I can't get any of my new files on my clie. Is there anyone out there that can send my a download of the software? Is there any way i can get a new cd-rom?

(Moderator and writer)
12/08/05 02:17 AM
Re: ***HELP***Need help with Installation CD-ROM for Sony Clie

I'm sorry to say that, not only is copying the CD almost certainly illegal, but, as you probably know, Sony no longer sells CLIEs in the US and is very unlikely to help.

I would recommend this eBay purchase, even though the shipping cost is higher than the price of the item.

Sony still has some stuff available for download here, but it doesn't look like it's everything you need.

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03/12/06 05:11 PM
Re: ***HELP***Need help with Installation CD-ROM for Sony Clie

I recently encountered the same problem (lost my original sony clie cd). per sony support you must purchase the cd again. here is the link for your model. http://servicesales.sel.sony.com/web/productSearch.do?searchOperation=modelSearch&searchText=PEGSJ30

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