(junior member)
12/11/05 02:35 PM
Clie UX50

Two questions:
1. Does anyone know where I might find an extended battery for the UX50?
2. Is it necessary to uninstall the Palm software to get rid of Hot Synch if one would want to also synch an HP Ipaq using Active Synch? Is there a conflict with both using Outlook for contacts? HP instructions say to uninstall Hot Synch when changing to the HP Ipaq software with Active Synch.

(PDA Addict)
12/14/05 09:08 PM
Re: Clie UX50

I loved my UX and hated Sony for discountinuing their Palm devices. Its now very hard to get a UX extended battery, but once in a while you see one on sale on ebay.

I've had trouble having ActiveSync and Palm's HotSync to work together. I don't know if anyone has a mod or get around this issue, but using a 3rd party application often helps.

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