(junior member)
02/21/06 12:45 AM
Hotsync problem on T665C

My handheld lost all its data. I tried to hotsync it and the data still won't show up. I've tried to hard reset it, and that doesn't seem to work (unable to hard reset). I'm at my wits' end.

Please help.

(Moderator and writer)
02/22/06 06:14 PM
Re: Hotsync problem on T665C

Well, first things first, did you set the HotSync conduits to "Computer overwrites handheld"?

Be careful about syncing until you get things sorted out, since if things sync in the wrong direction, you will lose your desktop copy of your data as well. I recommend making a backup of your User Data file before trying any more syncing.

What happened when you tried to hard reset? What procedure did you follow?

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