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09/21/03 03:37 AM
Mp3 transfering and SonicStage problem....

im trying to transfer mp3s to my Sony clie t-665c. When i go to sonic stage, the device/media says there is 0.00kb space left on my handheld when there is alot of free space left. I have like 114mb of space left in my memory stick, but the memory stick(F) drive thing on sonic stage device media says there are none.

10/24/03 06:43 AM
Mp3 transfering and SonicStage problem....

The problem I keep encountering is that any CD tracks I try to copy into SonicStage and ultimately my memory stick keep indicating that the media is protected and therefore can not be copied. What's the point of SonicStage if you can't copy CD tracks on regular CDs? Is that normal . . . I'm not sharing files or anything, so what's the problem?

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