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05/05/04 10:24 PM
Clie TJ37

I've bought a Sony Clie TJ37 a few days ago and wanted to connect it to my wlan @home today.
Here @home I use Netgear network components (IEEE 802.11b/g, WLAN-PC-Cards, Accesspoint) and a 128Bit Web encryption with a key created via keyphrase.
so far - so good - I took a look at the configuration of the wifi functions of my new toy (TJ37) and thought that it should work... - but it doesn't
Every time I configure the IPs, DNSs and the Gateway, erverything seems to be ok, but when I switch on WEP encrytion and try to save the entered keyphrase, my clie tells me that it would be wrong (I use the 13 characters keyphrase), allthough it is definitively correct!
My keyphrase is 6 characters long (ok - not so secure, but we have the only wlan in our neigbourhood) - could this cause any trouble?
I don't know any further with this problem...
so - I hope anyone here is able to help me...
and - please don't care about my bad english - it's not my mother tongue...

(Head Honcho)
05/10/04 10:20 PM
Re: Clie TJ37

I'd enter the WEP key in HEX rather than as a passphrase. That always works for me.

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