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07/21/04 06:45 PM
iPAQ 3870, PPC 2003 & WiFi PCMCIA Card Drivers

Help please,

I have an iPAQ 3870, ROM upgraded to PPC2003.

I also have an old Belkin 5D6020 (Ver 1) and a NoWiresNeeded PCMCIA card which fit my iPAQ sleeve.

Under PPC2002 at least one of these cards would connect to my home network (802.11b) after downloading some drivers from Compaq site onto the iPAQ. I use a Compaq sleeve with a PCMCIA card slot.

Since the PPC2003 upgrade I cannot get the cards to function. I am unable to find suitable drivers on the web. The message I get when inserting the cards is "Unrecognized Card, Enter the name of the device driver."

I have tried varations of PRSIMNDS.DLL - picked up from browsing other sites but am not confident I have copied the right drivers across nor that they will work with these cards and PPC 2003

Any thoughts??


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07/24/04 05:05 AM
Re: iPAQ 3870, PPC 2003 & WiFi PCMCIA Card Drivers

Sorry I'm not familiar with that card. Not many PCMCIA cards came with Pocket PC drivers, and it's quite hard to find WM 2003 drivers for those cards too You might want to pick up a CF WiFi card instead, which you can use in your PC Card sleeve with a $10 CF to PCMCIA adapter (sometimes included with the card).

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08/17/04 10:51 PM
Re: iPAQ 3870, PPC 2003 & WiFi PCMCIA Card Drivers

Thanks Lisa,

I bought the Low Power Socket CF card and am using it in a Transplant GPS jacket.

All works fine on my home network after a bit of playing with the settings.

Andy P

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