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09/03/04 04:09 AM
WiFi & Cell Phones

Are there any combo units that offer WiFi (802.11b) and a Cell Phone?

Okay, this may seem like a very silly question, but I have a recent bad experience with AT&T WS and my new Blackberry.

First, let me tell you I love the 7280... it's all that is promised and more, fully integrated with my corporate email, calendar and local PIM. No problems.

However, AT&T WS requires the data plan be primary ($50/month) preventing me from having a Shared-minutes plan as primary. Net result. I can no longer share my voice minutes and have to have my own (as opposed to shared with my family's other three phones)?a second $40/month plan.

I can live without the near-universal access that GPRS provides, but I'd like to use it in my wireless environment at home and the many hot spots popping up throughout the country. Any suggestions?

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09/08/04 07:02 PM
Re: WiFi & Cell Phones

The new HP iPAQ 6315 is a Pocket PC Phone Edition with phone, WiFi and Bluetooth! We'll be posting a review of that unit next week. So far, it's been a great device. It's offered by T-Mobile and has just become available in the past few days. You can go with their iPAQ combo plan (combines WiFi service at places like Starbucks) plus 1000 anytime minutes plus unlimited GPRS Internet, or you can go with any other plan you wish. If you don't want their WiFi service, then you could go with a voice plan plus their $20 Unlimited Internet (GPRS).

In addition, you can use an SD WiFi card with many of the Pocket PC phones reviewed on this site. Just check to see if the review says they support SDIO.

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