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09/22/04 03:50 PM
WiFi - how to connect

I have a new Axim 30X with WIFI. I am able to connect to the internet using my access point at home and also at almost any coffee shop in the area. So I thought this was a good omen and headed to Paris, France where I had located lots of hotspots. Problem was that I was unable to connect to any of them even though the Axim indicated that I was picking up the signal.
So my questions are: are there special procedures needed to connect in Europe or for that fact anywhere else? Are there web sites or books that might help me learn how to use WiFi correctly etc. and all that.....
Any help would be very much appreciated
Thanks, Sinred

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09/26/04 02:16 AM
Re: WiFi - how to connect

Europe has a few more channels that we do, but if your Axim picked up the access points, they were on the channels supported by the US. Are you sure the access points you encountered were open, unencrypted networks? They might not be open, in which case you'd need the WEP key (WiFi version of a password).

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