(junior member)
01/15/06 06:58 PM
Palm One Tungsten E

I have a Tungsten E and am looking at purchasing a WiFi card for it. To my knowledge Palm only markets one such device. My question to anyone who can help me is whether this WiFi card is compatible with the Tungsten E. I know it will work with the Tungsten E2 there are plenty of literature references to support this but I cannot find any reference to compatibility in any literature with the Tungsten E. Thanks in advance for your help!

(Moderator and writer)
01/15/06 08:23 PM
Re: Palm One Tungsten E

It is definitely not compatible. The only option is an Enfora portfolio. Considering the cost of the portfolio, the slowness of the T|Es's CPU, and the unavailability of Blazer and WebPro for independent purchase, I think you're better off buying a new PDA.

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