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08/24/06 09:49 PM
xv6700 LAN access using WiFi or VPN

I have a XV6700 and can connect to our LAN using WiFi and VPN. However when I am connect via WiFi or VPN, I can only access the Internet and not local resources. I want to be able to use Terminal Services to access our servers and fileshares. It is strange that I can connect to the LAN but only access the Internet and not the LAN resources. The strange twist is that I can plug in the USB cable and connect it to my laptop, then I can access the rescouces as expected. I have also tried using the IP address incase there was a DNS issue going on. Anybody have any ideas???

Thanks, Sam

(Moderator and writer)
08/25/06 06:18 AM
Re: xv6700 LAN access using WiFi or VPN

This isn't an exact answer, but my guess is that it has something to do with ActiveSync sharing your computer's Internet connection, whereas connecting directly may prevent you from accessing resources that are restricted to your computer.

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